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Will Telegram give up encryption keys?

Posted 20 Mar 2018 | Comments Off on Will Telegram give up encryption keys? | 1,268 views

Telegram has lost a court case to protect its private encryption keys.  The encrypted chat company has been resisting turning over the keys to Russia’s Federal Security Service. Unfortunately, the company has lost a court case being tried in the Russian Supreme Court.

With the encryption keys, the Federal Security Service would be able to eavesdrop on conversations between any Telegram users. Russia claims that the keys are necessary to fight terrorism in the country. Russia claims that terrorist using Telegram to plan a St. Petersburg suicide bombing that killed fifteen people. The company faced a $14,000 fine over its past refusal to hand over the encryption keys.

Telegram has fifteen days to turn over the encryption keys. Failure to turn over the keys could result in fines or possibly a ban in Russia. Telegram plans to appeal the Supreme Court ruling.

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