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FLVS Discloses Data Breach

Posted 14 Mar 2018 | Comments Off on FLVS Discloses Data Breach | 1,255 views

The Florida Virtual School has responded to a security breach. FLVS has stated that attackers have breached their information systems, and they have obtained access to private student data including “students’ names, dates of birth, school account usernames and passwords, physical school identification, as well as parents’ names and parent emails.” FLVA is providing students with one year of identity theft protection from Experian for the potential FERPA violation. Parents can find instructions for obtaining the identity theft protection from the FLVS announcement.

FLVS is also notifying Leon County teachers that the attackers have accessed teacher PII including “name, Social Security number, date of birth, address, phone number, cell phone number, emergency contact, spouse’s name, personal email address, work email address, and certain demographic information.” While FLVS is working with law enforcement, FLVS has not publicly disclosed that Experian identity theft protection is available for the impacted teachers.

Update: Leon County Schools has posted their own response to the FLVS data breach.  They were notified on 12 Feb 2018, and FLVS oublicly disclosed the breach nearly a month later on 9 Mar 2018. LCS has identified that a misconfigured FLVS server was a factor in the breach.

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