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DHS Warns Of Data Breach

Posted 7 Jan 2018 | Comments Off on DHS Warns Of Data Breach | 280 views

The US Department of Homeland Security has warned employees of a data breach. The breach impacts over 240,000 employees that were employed with DHS in 2014.  It also impacts anyone that was involved in OIG investigations from 2002 to 2014. During an ongoing criminal investigation, the DHS discovered a copy of their case management database in the possession of a former DHS employee. The compromised information includes names, social security numbers, birthdays, positions, grades, and duty stations.

The DHS has sent out letters to some of the employees notifying them of the possible breach. Due to “technical limitations”, not everyone involved in OIG has been notified. The DHS is providing credit repair and credit monitoring from AllClear ID for anyone impacted by this breach. The department is also recommending that individuals place a credit freeze with the major credit bureaus.

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