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Uber’s Privacy Problem

Posted 28 Nov 2014 | Comments Off on Uber’s Privacy Problem | 1,843 views

Uber recently blogged about their privacy policy. They claim to use the info they collect for a limited set of legitimate business purposes. When installing the Uber app on Android, the app requests access to the user’s camera, microphone, contacts, calendar, photos, media files, and call history. The permission list is quite extensive, and most of the permissions are not needed to coordinate getting a driver to location. Uber has been battling trust and privacy issues with reports that employees have been spying on high profile passengers. Venture capitalist Peter Sims blogged about being tracked during the Uber Chicago launch party. Uber has even considered spying on journalists who are critical of the startup. Are contacts and calendar access necessary to send a car? Would you consider the app to be malware?

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