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Verified Twitter Accounts?

Posted 4 Jan 2012 | Comments Off on Verified Twitter Accounts? | 4,328 views

Public access to the Twitter account verification system has been closed for quite a while. The verification system was intended to be an easy way to allow followers to distinguish authentic Twitter accounts from parody or fake accounts. A TNW article from 2010 mentions that the beta was shutdown to build a system that will be better for users. That phrase no longer appears in the About Account Verification web page.

So far no such replacement system has been made public; however, Twitter does appear to still be verifying accounts. The site does state that some trusted sources are still being verified.

From Twitter’s Why Wasn’t My Account Verified:
In the meantime, we’re still verifying some trusted sources, such as our advertisers and partners. If you’re one of our partners or advertisers, please follow up with your account manager for details.

Are those verified accounts really trustworthy? Recent news of the faked Wendi_Deng account on Twitter does raise concerns. The account was marked as verified without the account holder or the real Wendi Deng’s knowledge. The account holder has sent a tweet to Twitter wondering how this happened. The account is no longer flagged as verified, but it does raise a question. How many other spoofed and faked accounts are quietly holding onto a verification badge?

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