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Anonymous Hits Stratfor Website

Posted 28 Dec 2011 | Comments Off on Anonymous Hits Stratfor Website | 2,305 views

Anonymous has claimed an attack on the Stratfor Global Intelligence website. As of this time, the website is currently undergoing maintenance. Identity Finder released an analysis of the information posted online by Anonymous. The analysis reveals that Anonymous was able to grab at least 27,537 phone numbers, 86,594 email addresses, and 50,277 credit card numbers. A NY Times article states that some of the pilfered credit card numbers were using to make charitable donations.

According to a Pastebin post by A GUEST, the attack is not the work of Anonymous.

Stratfor has been purposefully misrepresented by these so-called Anons and portrayed in false light as a company which engages in activity similar to HBGary. Sabu and his crew are nothing more than opportunistic attention whores who are possibly agent provocateurs. As a media source, Stratfor’s work is protected by the freedom of press, a principle which Anonymous values greatly.

This hack is most definitely not the work of Anonymous.

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