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Microsoft Drops Comantra

Posted 22 Sep 2011 | Comments Off on Microsoft Drops Comantra | 65 views

According to PC Pro, Microsoft has dropped Comantra as a Gold Partner. The complaints alledge that Comantra cold-called Windows users and convinced them to provide credit card info to pay for non-existent computer problems. The company has denied the claims. The article states that these allegations go back as far as 2009.

There is a comment on the Comantra website in the Recent Comments section that mentions a cold call from the company.

Thank you for contacting me and explaining the problemswith my computer.I found your help and the service provided very good indeed. I think getting a cold call was a bit unveiling and makes one feel suspicious when one hears so much about it these days. But all went good and i am really happy with the service.
Ian frost

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