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Still Using IE6?

Posted 23 Mar 2011 | Comments Off on Still Using IE6? | 1,958 views

This site gets a fair number of users that are still surfing the web with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. We don’t have any indication why these site visitors are still using IE6. We can tell from the search strings that some of them are looking for browser upgrade options or browser alternatives, and we hope the articles on this site are helpful. But there is another subset of IE6 users that puzzles us. Why are we puzzled?

Here’s a little bit of background information before we divulge who they are. IE6 was released to the public nearly 10 years ago. The browser got two major updates with the release of SP1 and SV1. By comparison to current standards, IE6 is severely lacking in functionality and does not support many of today’s browser standards. In 2009, a small group of websites started the IE6 No More campaign to direct users to more current browsers. Earlier this month, we wrote about Microsoft’s new IE6 Countdown website.

So who are these people? They people are people from Microsoft-owned net blocks. This month alone, we’ve had over 30 unique IP addresses from the MICROSOFT-GLOBAL-NET and MSFT-GFS networks. With push to get everyone migrated away from IE6, these are the last networks that an IE6 request should originate from. Are we missing something? We probably shouldn’t mention all those clients identifying themselves as Windows XP either.

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