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RSA Falls To APT

Posted 19 Mar 2011 | Comments Off on RSA Falls To APT | 2,217 views

RSA has posted an open letter stating that they have fallen victim to an Advanced Persistent Threat. An APT is a continuous advanced attack against specified targets to collect secret information. In this particular instance, the attacker managed to gain access to information related to RSA’s SecurID two factor authentication products.

RSA is current investigating the extent of the intrusion and working with their customers to guard against attacks. The company has not divulged how the attack occurred or what specific information was accessed. RSA filed a copy of the notice sent to their SecureCare customers with the Security and Exchange Commission. The notice does not suggest any specific actions regarding the data breach; however, it does make some recommendations regarding enforcing strong passwords and avoiding suspicious emails.

Given the lack of specifics on the data gleaned, some websites are beginning to speculate about the effectiveness of the SecureID hardware as a second authentication factor. The open letter states that RSA is committed to applying all necessary resources.

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