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Get Ready for Pwn2Own 2011

Posted 2 Mar 2011 | Comments Off on Get Ready for Pwn2Own 2011 | 1,419 views

Pwn2Own 2011 is quickly approaching. TippingPoint is offering $125,000 for successful exploits of the four major browsers and four cell phones. The browsers in the lineup this year include Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. The team to successfully hack each platform get the prize $15,000 plus the laptop. Winners also get a bonus towards future Zero Day Initiative submissions and a ticket to DEFCON. Google is offering a $20,000 prize for a successful attack against the core Google-written code in Chrome.

The preregistration for the event is closed, but onsite registration is still possible. Each contestant will get a 30 minute slot for their attempt. A random drawing is held for the team order. The attack targets will be the most recent version of the public release for each browser. Mozilla and Google have already rolled out patches to Firefox and Chrome in preparation of the event.

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