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Maryland Pulls A Bozeman

Posted 19 Feb 2011 | Comments Off on Maryland Pulls A Bozeman | 2,120 views

Maryland is trying to pull a Bozeman. What’s that? Bozeman briefly tried to compel job applicants to submit their social media credentials for employment. According the the ACLU of Maryland, the State of Maryland now has a similar requirement.

Maryland is requiring some employees to submit their social media usernames and passwords in order for the state to complete a background check. According to the complaint, the State of Maryland wanted to retain access to Officer Robert Collins personal Facebook account for multiple months in order to filter through has past associations and communications. Officer Collins was already a state employee and was applying for re-certification after returning from a medical leave of absence.

As a state employee, Officer Collins has already passed the traditional background screenings in order to obtain employment with the state. Collins and the ACLU of Maryland feel that the compulsory peak at the private communications of an applicant raises privacy and legal concerns which need to be addressed.

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