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IE9 Release Candidate

Posted 12 Feb 2011 | Comments Off on IE9 Release Candidate | 1,866 views

The release candidate for Internet Explorer 9 is out. Microsoft has stressed the new performance and security features of the redesigned browser.

The newly redesigned interface squeezes the top user interface into a single row including the URL field and the open tabs. This is a big plus for lower resolution and smaller sized screen where screen real estate is at a premium. The new version is also optimized to load sites faster. We have noticed that while some web applications do load faster, they do not always behave the same. Putting the browser into IE8 compatibility mode did not always work.

IE9 does offer a new security feature: opt-out tracking. The Tracking Protection feature allows the user to create site lists to determine which sites are allowed to track the user sessions. The new function works by blocking tracking data that is sent back to the website. The new browser also offers a cross site scripting filter to prevent data intended for one site from leaking to another malicious site.

Will IE9 help Microsoft re-establish its market share of the browser usage? We have not seen much traffic from IE9 beta like we have with the beta versions of other browsers like Firefox or Chrome, but that may change as we approach the final release date. IE9 is only available for currently supported on currently supported versions of Windows, which leaves those with older operating systems looking for browser alternatives.

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