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HHS Levies First HIPAA Fine

Posted 27 Feb 2011 | Comments Off on HHS Levies First HIPAA Fine | 1,825 views

The Department of Health and Human Services has levied the first monetary fine for a HIPAA violation. Cignet Health Center was fined a record $4.3 million for failing to provide access to medical records as requests. The requests from 41 people went unanswered, and the complaint was escalated to the HHS Office of Civil Rights. HIPAA is a federal law that sets privacy standards for medical data and also ensures adequate access to authorized requests. HHS made multiple attempts to get Cignet to respond to the complaint and to provide the medical records to the patients. Cignet did not provide the medical records or respond or provide any mitigating circumstances for not providing the records. The Cignet penalty includes fines of $100 per day for each unanswered requests (totalling $1.3 million) as well as a $3 million penalty for failing to cooperate with an investigation. Cignet has 90 days to respond to the HHS finding.

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