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SourceForge Under Attack

Posted 29 Jan 2011 | Comments Off on SourceForge Under Attack | 1,326 views

The SourceForge blog has indicated that their servers are under attack. The attackers were able successfully able to exploit a vulnerability of several servers. The CVS servers have been compromised. SourceForge says they are working to identify the exploits used and to contain the damage.

As a result of the successful attack, SourceForge has shutdown four developer-oriented services: CVS hosting, ViewVC, release uploads, and interactive shell services. SourceForge boasts that it hosts over 260,000 open source projects. They host several high profile projects such as Audacity, Pidgin, and TightVNC.

The hosting provider has also indicated that they have reset the passwords on all accounts. This step was taken as a precautionary measure after the discovery of password sniffing attempts.

At this time, the extent of the attack is unknown, but the blog posting indicates that they will be providing an update once they have the details. Projects should be treated as suspect, until they can be verified.

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