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Monitor Your Domain With Google Alerts

Posted 23 Jan 2011 | Comments Off on Monitor Your Domain With Google Alerts | 6,289 views

Fake online pharmacies and malware depots popup all over the place. The people that build these sites are in somewhat of a predicament. They need to lay low because they’re using hacked hosting, but at the same time they need to lure unsuspecting clients. Since they can’t to both, they’ll opt for the high traffic to make their money while they can.

It’s a real problem when these types of sites turn up within your domain. It means that you’ve got a security issue, and it needs to be corrected quickly. The sooner these get found, the faster work can progress to get them removed and the sites fixed. Google Alerts is a free tool that sends notifications when new sites are found in desired search strings. Website owners typically use them to alerted when new pages show online about topics that interest them, but the alerts can be adapted to send notifications for unwanted content.

For example, we do not typically discuss poker or gambling on this site so we can setup an alert for this. The search query would look like.

Search Items: +site:xenoactive.org poker gambling texas holdem
Type: Everything
How often: as-it-happens
Volume: All results
Your email: put-your-email-address-here

By appending +site: to the front of our domain, we can limit the result to just the domains that we are interested in. Create similar alerts for online pharma, porn, or anything else that you don’t want showing up within your domain. We recommend creating a Google account so that you can login and manage these alerts over time.

Once the alerts are setup, it’s just a matter of waiting. Hopefully, they never arrive. On the unlucky chance that an unwanted site does get submitted to Google for indexing, you’ll get notified in real time. Of course, once the alert comes, you’ve got work to do. You’ve got unwanted content and an exploit buried somewhere.

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