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Hacked Websites For Sale

Posted 22 Jan 2011 | Comments Off on Hacked Websites For Sale | 2,484 views

What do the US Army CECOM, State of Utah, and State of Michigan websites all have in common? They’re all listed for sale on a website offering access to hacked websites. We didn’t include any links to the hacked sites because we’re not sure of the safety of the sites at this time. The site was originally discovered by Imperva.

The website is offering access to several .gov, .mil, and .edu websites at varying prices. At this time the prices range from $33 for the Woodlands School of Uraguay to $499 for the US Army CECOM website. The Michigan and Utah state websites are listed at $55 and $99 respectively. The site even offers a few screenshots of internal web pages as proof of their hacks. Payments for the websites are made to a Liberty Reserve account which was created in December 2010.

Some of the sites are more expensive because of the traffic and the valuable information identified by the seller. From the looks of this, there are some server administrators that need to be auditing and locking down their services.

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