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Facebook Mashup

Posted 13 Nov 2010 | Comments Off on Facebook Mashup | 1,534 views

There are speculations that Facebook unveil a new messaging system. Mulitple blogs are pointing the various Facebook-controlled websites delivering a Microsoft Outlook Web App login page. This contradicts earlier sentiments that email is probably going away. Isn’t an email account required for obtaining a Facebook page? Meanwhile, CNN is reporting that people are using the deactivate link in Facebook to temporarily suspend activity on their account when they are not actively using it. Can you send email to a deactivated account? In any case, if the new messaging rumors do come to fruition, email exchanges with non-account-holders with get entangled in the Facebook privacy issues.

Update: It takes a password confirmation and a recaptcha to deactivate your Facebook account, and it automatically re-activate the next time that you login.

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