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Lessons From Google

Posted 24 Oct 2010 | Comments Off on Lessons From Google | 1,884 views

We’re all well aware that Google has been caught in the UKSpainCanada. This has been a recurring theme where Google has been using the Street View cars to build up its map collection. In addition to collecting data about the access points themselves, Google has email been capturing other personal info that was being transmitted from them. This has become a public relations problem as government agencies dig for more information.

While many may fault Google for collecting this info, we need to look a bit further. Google’s ability to capture a lot of the personal data is essence the result of the commonality of poorly configured wireless devices. If you pull out your iPhone on a busy urban street corner, the chances are good that the phone will detect at least one wireless access point that was not intended to be public.

Wireless access points need to be secured when they are installed. All of the major wireless access point brands make a conscientious effort to secure the access point when it is installed. Most provide installation CDs that tie the management of the device to a particular computer. Insecure access points are not the result of lack of options. People need to secure these devices when they set them up.

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