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Foiled By Gummy Bears

Posted 31 Oct 2010 | Comments Off on Foiled By Gummy Bears | 1,240 views

Law enforcement agencies have been using fingerprints to positively identify people for a long time, and biometric security devices relying on the same technology are viewed as the best of all. At least that what the folks at Henry Kendall High School in Australia that when they installed a new biometric system to take attendance. The new system was supposed to be harder to defeat than the card-swipe systems, which can be foiled simply by giving the card to someone else.

Unfortunately for school officials, high school students are very creative and subverted the system by transferring their fingerprints to gummy bearsUsing gelatin to transfer a fingerprint is a common technique to bypass fingerprint scanners.

The ease by which the high school students brings to light a big problem. What do you do after your fingerprint is out in the wild? After all, a fingerprint (or any other biometric) is not easily changed.

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