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Technology Trick Or Treats

Posted 31 Oct 2009 | Comments Off on Technology Trick Or Treats | 1,353 views

In the spirit of Halloween, this is good time for a technology related Trick or Treat list. Are they tricks or treats? In either case our readers will stumble into a few of them. We’ll let you decide what they are.

PDF Exploits: Adobe Acrobat has a large install base. Patches are out, but it’s going to take a long time before everyone gets updated.

Foxit PDF Reader: An alternative PDF reader with a minimalist approach. It’s light weight and functional. The install base is not as large so it’s not an immediate target.

Fake Antivirus: Get your antivirus from a trusted source. The bad guys have discovered that scareware works.

Microsoft Security Essentials: free antivirus/antimalware product from Microsoft. It’s essentially the next iteration of Windows Defender.

In-Page Malware Alerts: Who thought this was a good idea? This will soon be imitated by the bad guys. The only exception is that they’ll redirect people to their own antivirus.

Masked URLs on Twitter: Where does that shortened URL really point? There’s no way of telling until you click on it. http://bit.ly/hut3d

OpenDNS: A good alternative DNS service with filtering cababilities, and anti-phishing is activated by default.

Windows 7: The latest from Microsoft has officially hit the streets. Fresh installs and upgrades are in progress, and the reviews are pouring in.

Ubuntu 9.10: The of the popular Linux distribution from Canonical. It’s loaded with new functions and eye candy.

Oh wait. That’s only nine. We need one more to complete the list.

xenoactive.org: We think we’re pretty cool. Hopefully you do too.

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