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Comcast Unveils New Security Program

Posted 9 Oct 2009 | Comments Off on Comcast Unveils New Security Program | 1,584 views

Comcast has launched a new security program called Constant Guard to alert its subscribers when they are infected. The new program is intended to provide protection from various online threats. McAfee Internet Security Suite is also included.

The alerts are generated in the browser window when Comcast detects signs of possible malicious activity. The pop-up alert will direct the user to online resources to cleaning the infection. The pop-up reads:

Comcast has detected that there may be a virus on your computer(s). For information on how to clean your computer(s), please visit the Comcast Anti-Virus Center.

The incentive to Comcast to provide such service is to mitigate risks to its core services and to prevent the spread to other customers. Unfortunately, it will probably not very very long until malware sites start copying the alert notifications and link them to malicious software for unsuspecting users to download. How is a subscriber to differentiate a legitimate pop-up from a malware pop-up? This fake virus warning is already a popular ploy to trick people into installing malicious software.

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