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Posted 24 Oct 2009 | Comments Off on BleachBit | 1,441 views

Publisher: BleachBit
Version: 0.7.0
Cost: Free

BleachBit is an open source fast privacy and cleanup tool that is very easy to use. The application provides cleaners for over 50 common applications. This includes all the common browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox as well as many other desktop application like Microsoft Office.

The interface is plain and simple. When the application starts up, it provides a list of cleaners for applications that it finds on the computer. Each cleaner provides check boxes for cache, cookies, logs, or whatever transient data the application might store. As items are selected, BleachBit provides tips on what the impact may be, which is handy for people who are new to this.

When run with administrative privileges, BleachBit can be used to clean up system logs, temporary files, cache, broken links, etc. The application just generates error messages when a regular user attempts to modify system files. One nice feature is the the Preview button, which provides a list of all the files that BleachBit intends to delete. There is even a command line version for those that like to automate tasks.

BleachBit downloads are available for Microsoft Windows and a variety of common Linux platforms. It is also open source under the GPL v3.0 license, and source code is available. With a little effort, the application could probably be bilt on other platforms.

Overall, BleachBit is a good simple tool for cleaning up transient data left about by a variety of applications.

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