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Bozeman Backs Down… For Now

Posted 21 Jun 2009 | Comments Off on Bozeman Backs Down… For Now | 3,057 views

All of the press attention on Bozeman’s policy to collect usernames and passwords from job applicants is too much to bear.  Or is it? The city has issued a press release stating that they have “permanently ceased the practice of requesting candidates selected for City positions under a provisional job offer to
provide user names and passwords for the candidate’s internet sites”. The release later states “suspend its practice of reviewing candidate’s password protected internet information until the City conducts a more comprehensive evaluation of the practice”. Which is it?  Have they stopped permanently or will they start up again after their review? How do they ensure that the information is not misused? The possibility for identity theft is real. Bozeman staff has not responded to our request for how the information is used and protected.

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