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Copyright Allegations On The Rise

Posted 2 Oct 2008 | Comments Off on Copyright Allegations On The Rise | 2,639 views

The bad guys are now taking advantage of the much reported RIAA and MPAA copyright infringement notices that are going out. They are now sending out their own infringement notices in increasing numbers. We received a copy of an email from Internet Service Provider Consorcium. According to the email, the purpose of the ISPC is  protect the rights of software authors, artists.

The email stated that the recipients internet access was going to be suspended due to illegal activities. The sender was kind enough to provide a report detailing the alleged illegal activities. Unfortunately, the attached file did not contain any report, but instead contained a Windows executable infected with W32/Goldun.AXT.  This trojan records activity and posts it up to a predetermined web site where the bad guys can pick it up later. The trojan is relatively advanced, and it make an attempt to cover its tracks by modifying the Windows registry, disguising itself as a Windows service, and disabling firewalls and antivirus applications.

On a good note, many of the popular antivirus applications already detect this threat. If you do receive such an email warning of copyright infringements, be very careful.

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