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Microsoft Pushing Silverlight

Posted 2 Jul 2008 | Comments Off on Microsoft Pushing Silverlight | 1,410 views

Microsoft is pushing its new Silverlight plugin on their website frontpage. Billed as the so-called Flash killer, Silverlight is Microsoft‘s answer for creating rich internet applications. The What Is Silverlight page mentions custom branded experiences and highly sophisticated RIAs, but pretty short on details.

Microsoft has a long way to go to affirm Silverlight as the Flash killer. Adobe Flash is very popular and is used by many high traffic website such as YouTube and Pandora to deliver multimedia content. While the end result is supposed to be cross platform, Microsoft is only developing the plugin for the Windows and Mac platforms. The plugin for Linux based systems is being developed by the Mono Project. While Windows and Mac users get a link to the plugin, there is no such link for Linux users.

The push is on to get developers and users. MSNBC, which is a Microsoft/NBC partnership, is offering Olympic video content for the Silverlight plugin. Is the draw to watch the Olympics online enough to get people to install the plugin?

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